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How Foundation Issues Affect Properties in Florida

Florida is one of the most desirable places to live in the country, with year-round sunshine and warmth, affordable living, and abundant beautiful beaches. Unfortunately, home foundations in the area are at high risk of damage, so homeowners often find themselves battling with foundation problems and expensive repairs. Still, many Floridians don’t know how to spot foundation issues or implement a solution.

Below, we’ll be discussing some of the common foundation problems in Florida, how to spot them, and how to prevent them from getting worse. We’ll also offer some insight into what you should do if repair is needed and when you should begin looking for a foundation repair specialist in Florida.

Most Common Foundation Issues in Florida

Florida has some unique weather and geological conditions that leave home foundations at a high risk of damages. Below are the most common problems you’ll see in the Sunshine State.

Uneven Settlement

All home foundations settle after construction, but the land is usually prepped in such a way that the entire slab sinks minimally into the earth and remains level and even. Unfortunately, foundations in Florida are prone to uneven settlement because of the sandy soil.

Soil with a high concentration of large sand particles can easily shift as water moves through it. In Florida, this is a risk primarily during hurricane season, when runoff from hurricanes and tropical storms are at their peak. As the water soaks into the ground, it can cause sand particles around and under your concrete slab to shift, leaving uneven support beneath your foundation.

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