Asset managers seeking Central Florida property management companies in Orlando trust Archer Crown Residential Management. We provide real property management in Orlando to asset managers for R.E.O.’s of single family homes, condominiums and townhomes.

Widely regarded as one of the top leaders in the industry, ARCHER CROWN Residential Management is a fully integrated Central Florida property management and rental company offering services of the highest standard for income producing Central Florida homes, Central Florida townhomes, Central Florida condominiums, multiple units and apartment communities.

ARCHER CROWN Residential Management, its subsidies, affiliates and partners, operate from three distinct real estate property management platforms:

  • ARCHER CROWN Residential Management: Residential property management (single and multi family)
  • Vacation Homes Orlando: Vacation home management, guess booking and Home Watch services.
  • ARCHER CROWN MANAGEMENT: Commercial (professional office building, industrial and retail centers).

Through these platforms we are able to offer a comprehensive and broad array of Central Florida real estate options and services to asset managers.


Our founder is an industry veteran whose career in Central Florida property management spans more than 30 years. Prior to forming ARCHER CROWN Residential Management, he has served in positions of leadership with some of the top private property management firms in the United States. Upon leaving the United States Air Force, he began his property management career with The Edward J. DeDartolo Corporation and was part of the leadership team for the opening and day to day operation of the 1,300,000 sq. ft. retail, Melbourne Square Mall. From there he went on to manage well over 5 million square feet of commercial, office, retail and industrial properties as well as 1500 multi-family apartment units.

During the late eighties and early nineties when the Saving and Loan bailout was underway, Ray worked with numerous asset managers and receivers as well as directly with the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC). He was directly responsible for the liquidation of numerous assets that were declared insolvent by the Office of Thrift Supervision.

Our founder holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland in Business and Management as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Resource Management. He also holds a Florida real estate broker’s license.

Peace of Mind Realized

Peace of Mind Realized is more than a slogan, motto or an advertising positioning line, it is a belief and commitment to our client’s, from everyone associated with the ARCHER CROWN Residential Management brand.

Our Values:

  • To act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do.
  • To develop and maintain professional relationships with our clients that creates a positive difference in their lives.
  • To provide our clients superior quality, value and best in class property management services.
  • Through being a good corporate citizen, we are not only able to be beneficial to our clients but also to our employees and independent contractors. We strive to develop our employees and independent contractor’s diverse talents, initiatives and leaderships skills through personal development and then reward them for their performance.

Our Vision:

  • First and foremost, to be the best at what we do.
  • To become the most sought after provider of Central Florida property management services in our coverage area.
  • To earn the admiration of all those associated with the ARCHER CROWN Residential Management brand.


It is our belief that communications is one of the basic requirements for a successful business relationship. One way that we achieve this is through the use of our OWNER INFORMATION PACKAGE. This “PACKAGE” comprises a great deal of information on our various services, policies and procedures. We ask that you download the OWNER INFORMATION PACKAGE and contact us if you have any questions. In order for you to have a better understanding of what expectations we have of our Residents, we also recommend asset managers review the contents of the RESIDENT INFORMATION PACKAGE section found on this web site.

At ARCHER CROWN Residential Management, we are also acutely aware of the importance of communications. This is the primary objective in the development of our state of the art and user friendly web site. Every aspect has been designed to enhance communication. In addition to our web site, we also offer asset managers and residents various other avenues to communicate i.e. phone, fax, e-mail and U.S. Postal Service. We recommend and encourage our asset managers and residents to use e-mail when possible.

ARCHER CROWN Residential Management Provides Real Property Management In Orlando and Throughout Our Central Florida Coverage Area.

Management and Administration Services

The following gives a brief outline of additional property management services that we offer. Should you desire a more in-depth understanding of each service, please contact our office and one of our associates will be eager to answer any question that you may have.

  • Periodic exterior and when possible, interior inspections per applicable laws.
  • Legal documents reviewed and updated periodically by general council, specializing in real estate law, in order to provide maximum protection to our clients.
  • Delivery of legal notices when necessary.
  • Tenant lease enforcement during term of lease.
  • Aggressive rent and fee collections using all available legal means.
  • Eviction filing, attendance at court hearing and follow thru (rarely applicable) using attorneys at law that specialize in eviction and other real estate fields.
  • Rent and security deposit administration thru trust accounts.
  • Direct deposit of asset managers rent disbursement to local, national and international financial institutions using electronic funds transfer.
  • Computerized monthly and year end statements generated by in house bookkeepers and overseen by Certified Public Accountants.
  • Round the clock emergency property management services available and on call 24 hours daily, seven days a week.
  • Round the clock emergency maintenance services available and on call 24 hours daily, seven days a week (including holidays).
  • Organizing Utilities to be turned on and off with asset managers and tenants.
  • Liaison with asset managers and Real Estate Brokerages when property is listed.
  • Prior to a closing of new residence only, walk thru conducted by trained property manager if needed. This service is especially convenient when asset managers are not local.
  • General office duties of attending to, daily telephone, fax, e-mail and correspondence from owners, tenants and vendors.
  • ARCHER CROWN Residential Management services may be tax deductible.


  • Individualized marketing and advertising of property, using rental analysis to determine true market rent, in order to target maximum number of potential renters at the highest rental rates the market will bare. Some examples of diverse advertising vehicle that may be used to achieve these objectives are: professional signage, daily and weekly newspapers, full color flyers, real estate publications, corporate locations, government locations, institution locations and M.L.X. We also use extensive web sites. Some of these sites may include ARCHER CROWN Residential Management, Google, Places 4 Rent, Rentals In Orlando, Snap Rent, USA Home Rentals, Vacancy List, Hot Pads, Rent Spider, Craig’s List, Rental Houses, Rent Clicks, Rent 2 Buy America, and Rental Homes Plus.
  • Through ARCHER CROWN Residential Management expansive and growing Real Estate Referral Partners program local, national and international real estate professionals as well as the utilization of local Multiple Listing Services, we are able to receive tenant referrals that in many cases can directly place a qualified tenant in vacant properties.

Leasing and Lease Renewals

  • Initial introductions and consultation session with professional associate and completion and acceptance of detailed “RESIDENT APPLICATION PACKAGE”.
  • Initial comprehensive tenant screening including but not limited to criminal, evictions, court records, credit reporting, residency history and employment verification.
  • Central Florida property managers available to show rental properties, seven days a week.
  • Interior and exterior inspections, during showing of residence to potential tenants.
  • Administering lease applications and processing of tenant applications for various rental properties.
  • Lease negotiations with possible tenants on market rates, terms and conditions, designed to maximize owner’s expectations.
  • Lease preparation by attorneys at law that specialize in leases and as such, stay current with applicable laws.
  • Lease organization and processing of new tenants into residence.
  • Detailed property inspection, at lease commencement and expiration with interior and exterior digital photos, showing property condition, signed by tenant when possible.
  • Tenant Rental Payment Options, U.S. Postal Service, 24 hr. P.O. Box drop off, direct bank payments and coming soon, direct debit, online payment and bill pay all designed to create a quicker deposit of owners rent disbursements.
  • Lease signing and possession, residence receives a detailed RESIDENT INFORMATION PACKAGE (over 25 pages) outlining procedures of move- in, move-out, rent payments, getting to know your new home, communications, emergency and non-emergency conditions etc...
  • Lease administrative, set up and placement into our systems.
  • Lease guarantee, should a qualified tenant placed by us, defaults within the first six months of the lease term, we will waive the leasing fee and re-lease the property (as long as default was without Owner’s involvement).
  • Communication with tenants in advance of lease expiration to determine if lease renewals are warranted.
  • Tenant retention programs, designed to give added benefits and expectations while still maintaining owner’s goals.
  • Preparation of proper lease renewal documentation to protect owner by attorneys at law.

Asset Managers Start-Up Program

ARCHER CROWN Residential Management understands that asset managers, investors and users of residential Central Florida real estate require more from their investment than simple bill pay. As previously mentioned, this is why our primary business for owners is value creation through increased income, decreased expenditures when prudent and maintaining the asset in the most optimum physical condition. Through the use and implementation of our Asset Manages Start-Up Program, our company is in a much better position to provide these services and to achieve the desired results.

  • Initial introduction and consultation session with professional licensed associate and completion and acceptance of detailed “OWNER INFORMATION PACKAGE”.
  • Detailed initial safety and maintenance inspection to determine overall condition of property and to establish repair items needed.
  • Commencement of initial maintenance and repair issues approved by asset manager and using qualified vendors that asset manager hires, prior to tenant occupancy.
  • Organizing, coordination and follow up of maintenance and repair issues with asset manager, tenant and qualified vendors.
  • Administrative set up and property placement in ARCHER CROWN Residential Management system.
  • Set up of direct deposit for owners rent disbursement.
  • Utilization of rental analysis to determine true market rents.
  • Establishment of individualized marketing and advertising plans with digital pictures.
  • Inventory of personal items (vacation home only and priced per residence).
  • Approved county/state business license complete with plastic holder (Osceola and Polk Counties only and only if license has expired). Priced at $100.00 additional.

While the Asset Managers Start-Up Program offers many valuable services, one of the most important is the detailed initial safety and maintenance inspection. This initial inspection sets a “Bench Mark’ to determine the overall condition of the property and to establish repair items that are needed. This inspection focuses on such diverse elements as:

  • Safety: Through suggestions on safety, our goal is to reduce liability exposure for our client’s.
  • Property Condition: Through suggestions on the overall condition of the property, our goal is to maintain the asset in the most optimum physical condition. Examples for Capital Improvements are carpets, appliances and air condition units. Examples for preventive maintenance and on-going maintenance would be caulking and drywall repair.
  • Visual Appeal: Through suggestions on visual appeal, cleanliness and comfort, our goal is to maximize rental value and resident placement. Once the initial safety and maintenance items have been determined, we will coordinates and oversee using a systematic approach, that all work is completed in a timely manner.

When we combine the Asset Manager’s Start-Up Program with the Annual Property Inspection, they now have another tool for valuable input, knowledge and guidance that is critical in making informed financial decisions for their investment.

Semi-Annual and Annual Property Inspection

Another key component to meet and /or exceed asset manager’s traditional goals for their investment property is through the use of our Annual Property Inspections. The Annual Property Inspection is designed to go beyond the normal preventative maintenance and on-going maintenance program. The inspector during this time will be looking at several critical areas and will be making recommendations accordingly.

These areas are:

  • Capital Improvements items such as carpets, appliances air conditions, etc.
  • Preventative Maintenance and On-Going Maintenance issues that were not previously notated. Examples of this are caulking, drywall repairs, carpet repairs etc.
  • Monitor lease compliance by tenants, such as pets, correct number of occupants per lease and general condition of residence.
  • Identify, notate and correct any safety issues that may be present.

Please note that photos and the Annual Property Inspection report will be available to asset managers.

Maintenance and Repairs

Over the course of almost three decades in Central Florida property management our owners have determined that most asset managers have three similar goals for their REO’s and as such we have assimilated these into our corporate strategy. These traditional investment goals are as follows:

  • To increase income.
  • To decrease expenditures when prudent.
  • To maintain the asset in the most optimum physical condition.

Our Maintenance Program, Preventive and On-Going Maintenance:

One key component to achieve our client’s goals is thru the use and implementation of a competent maintenance program, both preventative and on-going.

We believe in communication and that is why we want our owners to be fully aware of any and all maintenance requests that we receive from their tenant, no matter how much the cost or the type. Whenever we receive a maintenance request from a tenant, we will immediately have the necessary personnel contact the asset manager to explain what the request is and recommended course of action. This excludes repairs deemed by our company that constitutes an emergency repair.

When the Asset Managers Start-Up Program, Semi-Annual and Annual Property Inspection Program and the Preventive and On-Going Maintenance Program are combined, asset managers have an effective shield over their REO. To further enhance this, our maintenance program delivers added benefits. By providing a much truer and broader understanding of their REO, asset managers have another tool at their disposal for valuable input, knowledge and guidance, all critical elements in making informed and educated financial decisions accordingly.

Tenant Education and Expectations:

From this approach to preventative maintenance and on-going maintenance is derived an increased benefit and that is tenants learn quickly that our company and landlords expect that their residence will be maintained properly. This point is first introduced in our Resident Information Package and fostered throughout the tenancy. Please review this “Resident Information Package” for greater clarification.


When properties are vacant, it is very important that repairs are determined and then completed in a timely manner. This increases the property show ability, decreases vacancy time and thusly improves on our asset manager’s bottom line. Some examples of this are: maid service, lawn care, pool care, carpet cleaning and painting.

Aggressive Rent Collection

There is a saying “The Best Defense Is A Good Offence” and when it comes to rent collection, we are a firm believer in this. Through the application of our tenant screening process we are able to filter out much of the problem tenants prior to them becoming, a problem. Occasionally some of our residents have unforeseen financial hardships that may cause them to be late on their monthly rent payments. When this occurs, we immediately take action to determine what the issue is and to make arrangements to resolve it.

ARCHER CROWN Residential Management is acutely aware of the importance of aggressive rental collection policies. That is why every resident has been given a copy of these policies on at least two separate occasions. These policies are also available for review on our web site.

Abbreviated list of rental collection policies are:

  • Rent is due on the first of every month and late on the second.
  • On or about the 5th day of the month, one of our staff will attempt to make contact (a friendly reminder), via phone or e-mail with any resident that has not remitted rent by this date.
  • For the residents that have not remitted their rent payments on or about the 10th day of the month, we will initiate the required legal paperwork prior to filing the eviction.

Throughout the Owner Information Package, we have spoken of how important communication is and in rent collection, it is vital. Through the use of e-mail or phone, our staff will attempt to keep asset managers informed of any communication that we have had with their residents and to solicit a course of action.

Accounting and Rent Processing

ARCHER CROWN Residential Management will generate monthly computerized statements to asset managers displaying all rental income and disbursements.

ARCHER CROWN Residential Management will generate a year end summary statement primary for tax purposes. We require asset managers supply us with accurate information in order to prepare the 1099’s.

ARCHER CROWN Residential Management maintains all asset managers’ funds in separate non-interest bearing trust accounts that is mandated by the State of Florida. When rent payments from tenants are received and cleared, we will disburse available funds electronically, direct to asset managers bank account or by corporate check using the U.S. Postal Service. In order to protect asset managers, reduce vacancy time and to ensure quicker resident placement, we will hold adequate funds from the tenant’s last month rent payment in trust to ensure the residence is rent ready and available.


We hope that you have found our Introduction helpful. For a more detailed understanding of our company, we invite you to download our OWNER INFORMATION PACKAGE.

With over 35 years experience in the field of professional Central Florida property management experience, our owners and staff realize that hiring management companies in Orlando and throughout our Central Florida coverage area to oversee investment property can be stressful. So if you are a new asset manager or seasoned pro, ARCHER CROWN Residential Management is here to address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Should you wish to contact us, we are located at, 6039 Cypress Gardens Blvd. #117, Winter Haven, Fl. 33884. Our office number is 863.438.0033 and our fax number is 863.438.0055.

We would be honored to be on your team and look forward to developing a long and lasting relationship with you and to let you truly experience:

Peace of Mind Realized


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